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Icey-tek and IceMule Coolers

  • Introducing IceMule Coolers!

    icemule cooler full range

    The IceMule Cooler is the world’s most portable high-performance soft cooler. It combines the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler. It keeps ice for up to 24 hours and rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack. It even floats! The patented insulated drybag design has seen huge successes in America, Australia and Canada and is proving to be the must have outdoor bit of kit - now available to buy in Europe only from us! Continue reading

  • Positively Purple

    Of all our coloured boxes purple is positively the most popular! However they come in short supply and only in sizes 25L, 40L and 55L - so we advise people to per-order one.

    Seen at many festivals and many a cool 'glamping' site our Icey Tek Purple seems to be the trendiest box to date.

  • A taste of Thailand

    Earlier this year we took a trip out to the Icey-Tek headquarters in Thailand to meet with the other distributors from around the world. We had time to discuss new lines and the future of the products as well as a tour of the factory. We watched the boxes being made from start to finish. As you can image it was already a very hot day and to see these workers moulding the plastic with burners was quite outstanding, every box is hand finished so a great deal of care is taken in the quality of the end product.

    Stephen the Icey-Tek distributor from the USA, Todd & Toni from NZ, Ali from UAE, Scott from Australia all gave us great feedback on our website and we came home with lots of ideas for our year ahead.

  • A colourful delivery

    Hurray our latest shipment of coolboxes has arrived at the warehouse! We now have all the colours back in stock so grab yours now before they all go again. Don't forget it's free delivery at the moment so why not add one to your Christmas list or send one as a gift - a present that will last a lifetime.

  • Unhappy Marlin

    Our cool boxes get subjected to all sorts of extreme situations - but they always keep their cool;) Take a look at this video taken in Australia of a Marlin that decided to take a closer look at the Icey Tek cool box on deck!

  • Add a splash of colour

    One of the things we love about Icey -Tek and Yeti coolers is the fun bright colours they come in. What really is a very practical and robust product with a splash of colour becomes much more fun to take out and about. These are all the different colours we stock, some are only available in certain sizes.

  • Alfresco at the Opera

    Nothing beats eating outside in the warm summer evenings (even if they are few and far between). Thanks to Tim for sending us his pictures of his new Yeti cool box at a night out at the Opera in Blandford Forum Somerset. What a delicious spread - very inspiring!

    "Hi Julia

    Thank you for the box which arrived promptly on Wednesday.  It was put to good use yesterday at Dorset Opera, and kept the food cool.  We were very lucky with the fabulous weather for the evening and had sit-down supper for 12 in the grounds of Bryanston School near Blandford Forum. Thought you'd like the photo!" Tim 


  • Just a little bit wicked!

    We love hearing what our customers use their cool boxes for - so an email from Fab Fairies and Wicked Tarts in London really made us smile and reach for the cakes!

    "Hi Julia,

    I just wanted to write and say that I love my cool box- it really is the Federer of cool boxes! I don’t think other people get quite as excited as I do when I tell them about my amazing cool box. We used it on our cake stand at the Kew Music Festival for the last six days and it was fabulous!" Michelle Alles

    No doubt those cakes would have looked good regardless of the cool box - but the pink box really does compliment such delicious looking tarts, thanks Michelle for your email.


  • GLAMPING around the UK

    Picture from : Wild Canvas

    Glamorous camping is becoming hugely popular in this country - not only does it give you a fun and unusual holiday but it's much more comfortable during slightly damp English summers. Continue reading

  • Keeping Mercedes Formula One Cool

    I am always intrigued to know how our boxes are being used - they certainly have many uses. This week we had a call from the Mercedes Petronans Formula one team wanting to order 6 boxes - but for what? Continue reading

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