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  • New to the UK: Icey-Tek Split Lid Cool Boxes

    We are now stocking a limited number of 70 Litre and 90 Litre Icey-Tek Split Lid Cool Boxes, all in a very cool two-tone navy blue and white colour scheme. The build quality and superior insulation is exactly as you've come to expect from Icey-Tek.

    The dual lids give easy access to your contents whilst one side remains closed, often it is being used as a seat. This reduces the amount of open time and loss of cool temperature. These boxes are incredibly popular with day boat fishermen and caterers in the Icey-Tek Australia and New Zealand markets and I'd love to see them out and about onboard boats here in the UK and Europe.

    You can learn more about these very cool Split Lid Cool Boxes HERE and view more images below.

    You can learn more about these very cool Split Lid Cool Boxes HERE and view more images below.

  • Icey-Tek Seat Cushions

    These premium seat cushions will transform your Icey-Tek Cool Box into a handy extra seat. We offer seat cushions for boxes from 25L to 105L in the Cube Box range and from 56L to 115L in the Long Box style. All cushions are in white with black piping around the edge and embroidered 'Icey-Tek' logo in the middle of the cushion. Each cushion comes supplied with two strips of double sided velcro tape on the back so that it can be fixed to the lid of your Icey-Tek and then removed when necessary. The material is easy to wipe clean and is showerproof. Learn more here:

  • Will a 2 litre (4 pint) bottle of milk fit into a 25L Icey-Tek standing up?

    Will a 2 litre (4 pint) bottle of milk fit into a 25L Icey-Tek standing up? Here's the answer in a 1 minute video. We also look at the same bottle in the 40L and 55L Cube Cool Boxes ???❄️❄️

  • New video to help you choose your Icey-Tek Cool Box

    Cool boxes are tricky things to visualise. How big is it? How much will it hold? Which box do I need? Will it fit in the boot of my car? What is the quality like? These and many other questions come up regularly and I've been searching for a solution since I took over at Cool Boxes UK last year. In fact, the main reason for product returns and exchanges within our business is because a customer did't quite realise the size of an Icey-Tek. On that basis any solution to this is something that works for all of us.... who doesn't like a 'win win'!?

    I've started by producing a new product video outlining our most popular Icey-Tek Cube Cool Boxes: the 25L, 40L and 55L sizes. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. I've tried to keep it a little bit fun too.

    Video is such a powerful tool and works really well to inform people about exactly what they are buying online. I really hope that our new video content along with our growing Trustpilot reviews will help to give you more piece of mind and confidence.

    If you're ever in any doubt please remember that there's a human at the other side of this business (that's me!) so please do reach out via email with any questions or comments.

    Lastly, if there's anything in particular relating to Cool Boxes UK you'd like to see explained or showcased using video please let me know.

    All the best & Stay Cool,

    Luke - Cool Boxes UK

  • Wheels for Icey-Tek. At long last!

    For some time I've been researching wheel systems that will complement the Icey-Tek range of boxes. As I'm sure you know our cool boxes are strong, rugged, high performance and are built to last – this absolutely needs to be the case with a set of wheels too. To be honest I was disappointed with the many cart systems available across Europe, many of them were constructed from cheap metal and definitely could not claim to be 'built to last'.

    My search took me further afield, to Texas USA in fact, where I discovered the Plus One cart. As it turned out the Plus One is already being sold by Icey-Tek North America so much of my research had been done for me. Myself and my family have been testing the Plus One cart around Cornwall and Devon for the past two months. I've hauled boxes, body boards, picnics, children and more.... across tarmac, sand, gravel, grass and cobbles. The results have been impressive, this is a quality product, one that I'm proud to be listing alongside the legendary Icey-Tek range.

    The Plus One is constructed from strong HDPP Resin which is weatherproof and will never rust or oxidise. The four solid foam wheels have been specially designed for the Plus One, they will never run flat and can be used in salt water and sand without incurring damage. The cart base extends out from 80cm to just under one meter in length. Two 'cargo walls' are also supplied which means that many Icey-Tek boxes can be held extra secure. For our very large boxes you'll need to just use the flatbed base. The feeling you get from this cart is one of quality.

    Be warned, people will stop you and ask about your Plus One (especially if you choose the coloured wheels). You can pre-order your Plus One for a September delivery here.

  • Cool Customer Case Study - Bude Harbour, Cornwall

    Paul Vincent is Harbour Master at Bude Harbour, Cornwall. He is also Relief Harbour Master in Newquay and a qualified MOT tester at a local garage, but that's another story. Bude Harbour is a unique place. Surrounding the Harbour Master's office is a stretch of the Bude canal, Grade II listed sea lock gates, quaint houses, and a long stretch of beach which, at the time of visiting, was packed with happy holiday makers. The harbour itself is tidal with around 29 moorings and local boats making use of the facilities, around six of these are commercial day fishing boats. We visited at low tide with all boats sat in the sand, waiting for the water to reappear. Two local fishermen were making the most of this time and preparing their nets on the shore next to Paul's office.


    With tides and weather often against them, the day boat fishermen need to make the most of every opportunity. When the time to strike arises, and a good haul is netted, Bude's day fishermen often had to cut their trips short in order to bring their catch to market before it spoiled. Paul had noted this lost opportunity and began to look for a solution. Bude isn't large enough to justify a full fish plant room like other Cornish harbours so Paul decided that a small ice machine combined with a number of Icey-Tek cool boxes was the way forward. With some financial help from the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) Paul set to work.

    The new setup has been in place for around a month and is already proving popular. Fishermen are able to sign-out a number of the specially branded 70L Icey-Tek cool boxes, fill them with fresh ice, and make full use of them whilst on the water and on their way to market. It is now possible to store two days worth of fresh fish before heading to Plymouth fish market, a much more efficient way of working. Of course we had to ask Paul why he chose Icey-Tek over any other brand of cool box, his answer was “Reputation and recommendation. A number of fishermen I know use them and they swear by them.”.

    If you'd like to be featured in our next Cool Customer Case Study please email with a little bit of information about how you use your Icey-Tek.

  • A taste of Thailand

    Earlier this year we took a trip out to the Icey-Tek headquarters in Thailand to meet with the other distributors from around the world. We had time to discuss new lines and the future of the products as well as a tour of the factory. We watched the boxes being made from start to finish. As you can image it was already a very hot day and to see these workers moulding the plastic with burners was quite outstanding, every box is hand finished so a great deal of care is taken in the quality of the end product.

    Stephen the Icey-Tek distributor from the USA, Todd & Toni from NZ, Ali from UAE, Scott from Australia all gave us great feedback on our website and we came home with lots of ideas for our year ahead.

  • Add a splash of colour

    One of the things we love about Icey -Tek and Yeti coolers is the fun bright colours they come in. What really is a very practical and robust product with a splash of colour becomes much more fun to take out and about. These are all the different colours we stock, some are only available in certain sizes.

  • GLAMPING around the UK

    Picture from : Wild Canvas

    Glamorous camping is becoming hugely popular in this country - not only does it give you a fun and unusual holiday but it's much more comfortable during slightly damp English summers. Continue reading

  • Keeping Mercedes Formula One Cool

    I am always intrigued to know how our boxes are being used - they certainly have many uses. This week we had a call from the Mercedes Petronans Formula one team wanting to order 6 boxes - but for what? Continue reading

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