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  • Cool Customer Case Study - Bude Harbour, Cornwall

    Paul Vincent is Harbour Master at Bude Harbour, Cornwall. He is also Relief Harbour Master in Newquay and a qualified MOT tester at a local garage, but that's another story. Bude Harbour is a unique place. Surrounding the Harbour Master's office is a stretch of the Bude canal, Grade II listed sea lock gates, quaint houses, and a long stretch of beach which, at the time of visiting, was packed with happy holiday makers. The harbour itself is tidal with around 29 moorings and local boats making use of the facilities, around six of these are commercial day fishing boats. We visited at low tide with all boats sat in the sand, waiting for the water to reappear. Two local fishermen were making the most of this time and preparing their nets on the shore next to Paul's office.


    With tides and weather often against them, the day boat fishermen need to make the most of every opportunity. When the time to strike arises, and a good haul is netted, Bude's day fishermen often had to cut their trips short in order to bring their catch to market before it spoiled. Paul had noted this lost opportunity and began to look for a solution. Bude isn't large enough to justify a full fish plant room like other Cornish harbours so Paul decided that a small ice machine combined with a number of Icey-Tek cool boxes was the way forward. With some financial help from the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) Paul set to work.

    The new setup has been in place for around a month and is already proving popular. Fishermen are able to sign-out a number of the specially branded 70L Icey-Tek cool boxes, fill them with fresh ice, and make full use of them whilst on the water and on their way to market. It is now possible to store two days worth of fresh fish before heading to Plymouth fish market, a much more efficient way of working. Of course we had to ask Paul why he chose Icey-Tek over any other brand of cool box, his answer was “Reputation and recommendation. A number of fishermen I know use them and they swear by them.”.

    If you'd like to be featured in our next Cool Customer Case Study please email with a little bit of information about how you use your Icey-Tek.

  • Unhappy Marlin

    Our cool boxes get subjected to all sorts of extreme situations - but they always keep their cool;) Take a look at this video taken in Australia of a Marlin that decided to take a closer look at the Icey Tek cool box on deck!

  • Just a little bit wicked!

    We love hearing what our customers use their cool boxes for - so an email from Fab Fairies and Wicked Tarts in London really made us smile and reach for the cakes!

    "Hi Julia,

    I just wanted to write and say that I love my cool box- it really is the Federer of cool boxes! I don’t think other people get quite as excited as I do when I tell them about my amazing cool box. We used it on our cake stand at the Kew Music Festival for the last six days and it was fabulous!" Michelle Alles

    No doubt those cakes would have looked good regardless of the cool box - but the pink box really does compliment such delicious looking tarts, thanks Michelle for your email.


  • Keeping Mercedes Formula One Cool

    I am always intrigued to know how our boxes are being used - they certainly have many uses. This week we had a call from the Mercedes Petronans Formula one team wanting to order 6 boxes - but for what? Sigue leyendo

  • Tom Hanks to the rescue!

    From castaway to cargo ship! Tom Hanks climbs aboard with some of our cool boxes to film Captain Phillips biopic in which he's captured by Somali pirates. Sigue leyendo

  • Built in frame for Icey-Tek box

    Andy Cumming a charter fisherman based in Poole in Dorest recently added a new boat - Silver Spray 2 - to his business to run in addition to the first boat Silver Spray. Andy had a genius idea to have a stainless frame configuration made to hold his icey-tek boxes on the deck of his new boat. Sigue leyendo

  • Yeti cooler for Celebrity TV chef Bill Granger

    Yeti cooler for Bill Granger

    We were so happy to supply Bill Granger with a couple of coolboxes that we customised for his new TV programme - being a top Australian chef the choice of an Australian flag was an easy one.  Bill is a very talented chef and has a warm and easy to watch style.  Don't forget to look out for the Yeti Tundra 80L and the icey-tek 160L whilst you drool! Contact us  if you need a coolbox for your catering needs this summer whether you are another budding Bill Granger or just chilling by the barbie

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