cool boxes on location

  • A taste of Thailand

    Earlier this year we took a trip out to the Icey-Tek headquarters in Thailand to meet with the other distributors from around the world. We had time to discuss new lines and the future of the products as well as a tour of the factory. We watched the boxes being made from start to finish. As you can image it was already a very hot day and to see these workers moulding the plastic with burners was quite outstanding, every box is hand finished so a great deal of care is taken in the quality of the end product.

    Stephen the Icey-Tek distributor from the USA, Todd & Toni from NZ, Ali from UAE, Scott from Australia all gave us great feedback on our website and we came home with lots of ideas for our year ahead.

  • Add a splash of colour

    One of the things we love about Icey -Tek and Yeti coolers is the fun bright colours they come in. What really is a very practical and robust product with a splash of colour becomes much more fun to take out and about. These are all the different colours we stock, some are only available in certain sizes.

  • Keeping Mercedes Formula One Cool

    I am always intrigued to know how our boxes are being used - they certainly have many uses. This week we had a call from the Mercedes Petronans Formula one team wanting to order 6 boxes - but for what? Sigue leyendo

  • Tom Hanks to the rescue!

    From castaway to cargo ship! Tom Hanks climbs aboard with some of our cool boxes to film Captain Phillips biopic in which he's captured by Somali pirates. Sigue leyendo

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