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Need some help to choose the right box for you?

 Watch our videos comparing different box sizes. 

 Compare the 56L and 70L long boxes 

Compare the 25L, 40L and 55L cube boxes

Compare the 55L cube box with the 56L long box 

Here are some frequently asked questions about our cool boxes..... 

Q : I need a box that I can stand wine bottles upright in which should I choose
A : In the icey-tek boxes a 40L cube or 70L long and above.
Q : I need to transport a whole pig
A : A 260L icey-tek long box is perfect
Q : Ice or gel packs ?
A :  All our boxes love ice however for many purposes when contents need to be kept dry the Aussie gel packs offer a perfect re-usable solution
Q : Your gel packs seem expensive - why should I buy yours over ones from the supermarket ?
A : The aussie gel packs contain commercial gel which when used in our boxes enables them to stay frozen for 1-2 days.  Also they are much larger and are about  the size of an A4 sheet of paper. 
Q : How many gel packs do I need ?
A : We recommend 1 gel pack to 20L of box capacity - however that ratio can be adapted depending on how much performance you are looking for out of your box
Q : I need to transport a deer what box would you suggest ?
A : The icey-tek 160L long box in khaki is popular for that
Q : I am not sure what size I need :
A :  If you are unsure about what size you need please visit our help to choose the right box page
Q : Why should I invest in a Icey-tek coolbox ?
A : These boxes are 'lifetime' puchases. Because of their quality and durability  they will give you years of good use unlike a cheaper cool box which would need to be replaced frequently.