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Press & Reviews

The Icey Tek Cool box has been reviewed by different industry press nationwide - read what they have to say about our amazing product.

The Countrymans Weekly
"ICEY-TEK insulated cool boxes are very adaptable, especially in the countryside with their excellent insulation,
and they are the ideal solution for transporting pheasants, deer or rabbits because they keep their contents in
prime condition."

Fishing News -
"ICEY - TEK also supplies fishing associations and individuals through the Seafish grant scheme..."

Irish Angler
"In simple terms the Icey-tek box is an incredible piece of kit, one that every serious angler or skipper should be putting on their Christmas list this year!"

Coarse Angling Today
"I’ve used it for two or three days at air temperatures of around 8ºC and, though obviously the contents will not
remain at -18ºC, after three days the bait (in this case deadbaits) were still perfectly usuable. So if you need to
keep bait or food in a bit state for two or three days I cannot recommend this product highly enough"

Shooting Sports

Boat Fishing Monthly
"If you’ve never seen one of these boxes, I strongly suggest you visit the website and take a look. I’ve been through a few coolboxes over the years, but the Icey-Tek range is by far the most effective I have ever used".
BFM Editor Dave Barham

British Farmer and Grower

Sea Angler

Total Carp Magazine

West Briton

Total Sea Fishing

Pike and Predators