Epic and fun review from Pete!

Epic and fun review from Pete!

Thanks to Pete for this review and photo of his Icey-Tek 70 Litre Dual Lid Long Cool Box ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️


"I really shouldn't be this excited about a cool box, but oh my days, what a piece of kit this is! I've spent weeks looking to the point of losing the bloody will to live! I first thought of the 12V plug in ones that you see in Aldi Special Buys, this progressed to the Halfords 40 Litre which was a better size, but once you have read past the 5 star reviews, it seems too many have a short life span.
Then I discovered compressor cool boxes, and Alpicool amongst other makes on Amazon. I phoned one supplier who is UK based, as I wanted to know why their cool box was the twice the price as others which look identical. I was told it came in beautiful packaging! I know, I couldn't believe myself🤣.
Next minute, I'm looking at solar panels and battery packs to run the bloody thing when it's not in the car. I was losing my sanity, and I wouldn't mind but I couldn't afford a compressor cool box anyway!
And then, right out of the blue on Monday evening, an advert on Facebook for Icey-Tek supplied by coolboxesuk appeared.  My will to live had been restored and on top of that, there was an offer of a 5% discount for registering😍 
After a good hour on the website and with the help of tea and biscuits, I decided on the Icey-Tek 70 Long Split. I would have loved to have taken advantage of the special offer which included the seat cushion and ice blocks, what a cracking deal that is! But I'm sure I'll buy those at a later date.
I just wanted to thank you, not only for the discount which is much appreciated, or the super-fast delivery, but for also supplying a bloody good quality product at a reasonable price. 
Take care and thank you😁
Kind regards.


Icey-Tek Dual Lid Cool Box

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