Pack Of 6 Icey-Tek SMALL Gel Ice Packs

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A pack of 6 x Icey-Tek Small Gel Ice Packs

The perfect commercial-grade Gel Ice Pack for smaller Cool Boxes, Cool Bags and Lunch Boxes.

  • The ultimate reusable gel ice pack
  • Tough. Rugged. Keeps icy-cool for longer. Non toxic commercial grade cooling gel
  • Measuring 17cm long x 10cm wide x 4cm depth
  • Weight 0.5 kg per gel pack
  • Can be used alongside loose ice to provide extra cooling power
  • Just freeze for 24 hours before use and then return to freezer ready for next time
  • Ideal for cool boxes, cool bags, and commercial catering and fishing
  • Please check the size of your cooler to ensure correct fit
  • Great fit with the Icey-Tek 18 and 35 Litre Cool Boxes. Use 1 to 2 gel packs for the 18 Litre and 4 to 6 with the 35 Litre.