Icey-Tek 450 Litre Insulated Ice Bath

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Unlock the potential of your physical performance with Icey-Tek's best-in-class design and superior insulation. Whether you are a professional athlete, recreational enthusiast, or just looking for a top quality ice bath solution, the Icey-Tek 450 Litre Insulated Ice Bath will help you optimise your game.

Ruggedly constructed with thick commercial grade insulation (40 to 74mm thick) to maintain cold temperatures even longer, this versatile ice bath is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

**Male model shown in photos is  185cm / 6'1" tall**

This ice bath will arrive on a pallet. 

Health benefits of cold immersion include:

❄️ Improved recovery from workouts / sports activities

❄️ Mood boosting / reduced stress

❄️ Improvement in immune system function

❄️ Increased HRV (heart rate variability)

❄️ Deeper sleep

❄️ Reduced inflammation

How to use

We've created this ice bath to allow a variety of use cases, configurations and upgrades*. In its simplest form, fill the box half full with cold water, add ice and enjoy. Only add more water above the halfway point once you have determined how much you displace.

Water can be drained using the lower drain plug and added using the upper hose inlet plug. Both of the drain hole threads are female 1 inch NPT (American pipe standard). Please only use plastic adapters if you are creating your own hose system - metal can strip out the Icey-Tek LDPE threads. 

The double insulated lid (74mm of PU foam) is fully removable. It is secured using 8 x ultra tough Southco premium rubber latches and a foam seal. 

* Icey-Tek drain hose / chiller connection system coming soon

More Information

Inside Dimensions (mm): Length: 920 x Height: 700* x Width: 690

*full useable height of inside with lid removed

Outside Dimensions (mm): Length: 1100 x Height: 830 x Width: 815

Empty weight: 40 kg

Constructed from food safe A-grade polyethylene -  learn more here

Finished by hand for legendary product strength 

World-class superior insulation in walls & lid for extended ice retention

Strong enough to use as a seat

Strong foam seal and Southco premium latches

2 x  removable drain plugs. One lower for draining water, the other towards the top of the box for water inlet if required. Both threads are female 1 inch NPT (American pipe standard). Please only use plastic adapters if you are creating your own system - metal can strip out the Icey-Tek LDPE threads. 

Carry lip under the lid. Please carry between two people, empty box weighs 40 kg.

Washable with soapy water or easy to hose out - holds no nasty odours or stains

Five year warranty for normal wear & tear

Independently five star rated by our customers -  view here 

**This box can also be used as a giant cooler for events, BBQs and parties ... just replace the chilly human with lots of food and drink**