Luke Power Cool Boxes UK Icey-Tek


***URGENT - 26/10/21 - Our phone system is broken and cannot accept incoming calls... the line just goes blank for both sides! Please email with all enquiries and we will reply within the day. We should have a new number within the week.***

Hi, I'm Luke Power, Managing Director at Cool Boxes UK - if you get in touch it will be me you're chatting with.

The very best way to get in touch for all enquiries is via email, my direct address is and I promise to get back to you in good time (my Trustpilot reviews depend on it). If you need to give me a call the number is +441326555765 - if you hit the voicemail please do leave a message.

Our business continues to thrive for two very good reasons:

1 - The outstanding reputation of the Icey-Tek range of coolers

2 - Our commitment to excellent customer service

If you feel this is the case please tell the world via our Trustpilot Page. If you've had a bad experience then please tell me and I'll do my utmost to help. 

Stay Cool - All the best, Luke