Icey-Tek Cool Box Foam Insulation

😢 My cool box doesn't work and my beer is warm 🍺

Ruined bacon, soggy sausages? Not ideal. Our cool boxes are some of the toughest and well insulated around... however, they are not magic! If you don't follow the instructions and best practices you could easily end up with the ultimate in 1st world disaster: WARM BEER 🤯

Check out the top tips below to make sure you get the very best from your Icey-Tek:  

Cleaning your Icey-Tek cool box 
1 - Cleaning your box. Before using for the first time clean the interior with dish washing detergent and rinse thoroughly. For tough colours, wash out with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 50 parts water. Occasional cleaning of the exterior is recommended using a non abrasive cloth. Oil based grime can normally be removed using a lanolin hand cleaner or baby oil and non abrasive cloth.
Pre-cooling your Icey-Tek cool box

 2 - Pre-cooling really works. If you are going away for more that a weekend then pre-cooling your box really helps. Just freeze some water in milk or coke bottles and place in your box the night before. Then replace these bottles with either ice, Icey-Tek Gel Packs or both to keep cool. If you are just going out for the day there is no need to pre-cool.

Icey-Tek Cool Boxes

3 - Our boxes love ice. Fill the cool box with as much ice as possible. A third full is ideal. Keep the air space to a minimum which helps maintain the temperature. Don’t drain any melted ice as it will help insulate the remaining ice. If using home made ice, adding salt or using sea water will make the ice last even longer. If using shop bought ice remove from plastic bag so ice is loose. 

Using Icey-Tek gel packs

4 - Using gel packs. If you prefer your products to stay dry then our Icey-Tek Gel Packs are the best solution. Just freeze 24 hours before you need them. We recommend one Icey-Tek Gel Pack to 20 litres of box capacity.

Using your Icey-Tek cool box

5 - Lots of foods can be frozen. Milk, juice, water, meat, bacon, cheese, butter etc. Adding your food frozen will prolong the coldness of your box. You will however need to remove them if you wish them to defrost.

Using your Icey-Tek cool box for warm food and drink

6 - Cool to be hot! These boxes are just as good at keeping things hot as they are cool. Just reverse the thinking and fill the box with hot food wrapped in silver foil and use hot water bottles to help maintain the temperature.


Bonus Tips for Maximising the performance of your Icey-Tek:

1 - Wherever possible store the box in a cool place - if stored in direct sunlight or in a warm environment a significant amount of ice will be melted to cool the walls of the box.

2 - Ice temperature is also a factor, ice that is colder will last much longer under identical conditions.

3 - Chilling or even freezing the intended contents such as drinks and food is an often overlooked solution to longer ice retention. Remember, the colder your contents before loading, the less energy these contents will use to cool. If using to store or transport food do ensure that the temperature remains below 4°C.

4 - Amount of ice is important. We recommend filling the cool box with as much ice as possible to keep the air space to a minimum. Large areas of air will lead to faster ice melt. A small bag of ice in a large cool box will melt faster than if it were in a small one. However, a large box filled with ice will keep ice longer than a small box filled with ice. In summary, the more ice the better - however, if weight is a concern you can use other materials such as paper towels or crumpled newspaper to fill the air space voids.

5 - Surface area to volume of the ice also affects how ice melts. Block ice will melt much slower than small cubes. However, as ice melts, it is absorbing the heat from its surroundings; therefore smaller pieces of ice will chill the cool box faster. Also, it is easier to keep food cold using smaller pieces of ice. Using a mixture, for example, putting food on top of block ice, then covering the food and filling empty spaces with cube ice will help retain ice, chill, and keep food cold.

6 - Once the cool box is in use, we recommend that you do not empty the cold water. The water in the cooler will be almost as cold as the ice and will help insulate the remaining ice. If you are storing items that would be damaged by water consider using an Icey-Tek Gel Pack or place items inside a plastic container.

7 - You can also cool the box using Icey-Tek Gel Packs. Just freeze gel packs for 24 hours prior to use. 

8 - There are many variables that affect ice retention: frequent lid opening, outside environment, placement in direct sunlight, etc. Careful attention to these simple details will significantly extend ice retention.

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