Our company was founded back in 2005 by Julia and David Nute, a Cornish couple who holidayed in Australia, saw some awesome cool boxes and very quickly became became the official UK and European distributors. We were originally called Icey-Tek UK & EU but soon became Cool Boxes UK to allow expansion of our offering. Here's how we told the story back on the 2006 version of our website:


“The founders of this company used them in Australia whilst on holiday and were so impressed they became the European distributor. It has been developed to offer highest quality and when you get yours you will see just what a fabulous product it is.” LINK


Icey-Tek UK Logo Brushed Metal


Since then we've sold thousands of premium Icey-Tek Cool Boxes across the UK, Europe and beyond to campers, fishermen, caterers, medical professionals and many more use cases (some of which you just wouldn't believe) – these cool boxes will be in use for many years and decades to come, that's why we love them so much.


In 2018 the company was taken over by Luke Power who has continued to develop and evolve the business. Excellent customer service and premium products that last a lifetime remain the absolute priority - check out our independent Trustpilot reviews to see what our customers think.


The Icey-Tek family and worldwide distributors


Icey-Tek Cool Boxes were created in Australia in the 1990s by a group of outdoor enthusiasts. The unique hands-on production process creates an unrivalled strong, long lasting and heavily insulated cool box. We also create coolers in sizes and colours that remain unmatched. Icey-Tek was the first premium rotomoulded cool box to take the market by storm (yes, even before that big American one). 


The Icey-Tek factory in Thailand


Icey-Tek keeps your contents colder for longer. Up to 2 days frozen and 10 days cold in fact. With NO POWER. The Icey-Tek world-class ice retention is thanks to our superior foam injected insulation.


As unique as you are. With an unrivalled range of sizes and vibrant colours, the Icey-Tek range offers a cool box to suit every need.


What will you keep in yours? Icey-Tek boxes are loved and trusted by campers, festival goers, fishermen, caterers (for hot and cold food), yacht owners, game hunters, breweries, mobile coffee vendors, sensitive medicine suppliers and even NASA!


You won't need to replace your Icey-Tek for a VERY long time. Our unique hand finished manufacturing process means that every Icey-Tek cool box is incredibly strong, lightweight and thoroughly checked. You are making an investment. Many of our customers own Icey-Tek coolers that are still going strong after 10, 15 and even 20 years!


You can trust us. Icey-Tek was created to cope with Australian summers back in 1998. We founded Cool Boxes UK in 2005 and have built our reputation on trust. Many of our new customers are referred via word of mouth. Check out what others are saying at our Five Star rated Trustpilot page.


You'll always be looked after. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes you'll need a tailored order delivered fast. Sometimes you'll need a question answering. We will always try our best to help you. We offer a 5 year manufacturing defect warranty on all Icey-Tek products to give you extra peace of mind.




  • Icey-Tek cool boxes are made from premium components and materials to create a commercial quality cool box.
  • Choose a LONG or CUBE box, a range of unique colours and the largest size range, from 25L - 1100L, on the market.
  • Made from 100% A grade polyethylene external skin with a non staining, non odour absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner.
  • Superior ice / cold retention is obtained by utilising premium polyurethane insulation injected under pressure within all wall cavities and the lid.
  • All Icey-Tek boxes have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges and lid latches that are made from flexible, black thermoplastic elastomer material. 
  • Lids have a rubber gasket fitted to ensure a perfect seal.
  • All boxes are lockable and are supplied with 2 receivers enabling them to be secured with a padlock.
  • Long boxes have plastic coated rope handles for ease of carrying, cube boxes have finger grips under the lid.
  • All boxes come with 2 bungs that screw in with a rubber gasket to ensure a watertight seal, they are fully removable for ease of cleaning.
  • Icey-Tek Gel Packs are a clean, re-usable method of cooling the boxes.
  • Cushions are available for some sizes.
  • View our full range here