When Sainsburys, the NHS & Bacardi needed help with their storage issues – they chose Icey-Tek. Whether it is for fridge maintenance, transportation requirements or to satisfy storage issues - commercial companies confidently rely on Icey-Tek to deliver. Rugged and robust they are able to cope with being used on a daily basis. For corporate customers we are able to offer a bespoke service – choose from a large range of colours and labelling.

Cellmark Orchid, DNA testing and forensic sampling: "Customer Service was excellent and the boxes have suited our needs perfectly due to their high quality and durability. All of this allows confidence in the transport of fragile materials"

Temperature-stability validation appraisal: ICEY-TEK coolboxes for the storage and transport of vaccines and temperature-sensitive medications - A report prepared by Severn Ambulance and Medical Services. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE. Executive Summary below:

"The transport of temperature sensitive medications and vaccines to geographically remote or difficult-to-access areas presents logistic challenges to health providers, especially if externally powered refrigeration units are unavailable or unfeasible. This study seeks to explore the thermal performance of ICEY-TEK coolboxes of varying volumes, in combination with a variety of ice packs and cooling methods.

The results indicated that, in ambient temperatures of up to 20 degrees Centigrade, medications could be passively maintained at <10 degrees Centigrade for in excess of 5 days in certain set-ups. In general,ice-cube cooled boxes outperform gel ‘cool-pack’ cooled boxes, although even with small volume gel ‘cool-pack’ setups an internal temperature of <10 degrees Centigrade could be maintained for on average in excess of 30 hours. This study suggests that the ICEY-TEK boxes may represent a cost-effective and power-independent method of transporting temperature-sensitive medications for extended periods and to remote locations."

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