Icey-Tek 40 Litre Cube Cool Box

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The Original - The Strongest - The Coolest

The Icey-Tek 40 Litre Cube Cool Box is one of our most popular and versatile coolers. Loved by families, small groups and also commercial users for extended periods of time. The 40 Litre is an incredibly useful size and will accommodate bottles of wine standing upright, an important consideration for many! To give you an idea of capacity, the 40 Litre will hold 55 cans of drink along with gel packs, ice or a combination of both. Grab a premium Icey-Tek Seat Cushion and transform your cool box into a really comfortable place to sit. 

Legendary Icey-Tek design, durability, reputation and long warranty for a premium Cool Box that lasts a lifetime. Packed full of superior foam insulation to keep your contents ice-cold for longer. 

  • Inside Dimensions (mm): Length: 410 x Height: 300 x Width: 310
  • Outside Dimensions (mm): Length: 560 x Height: 430 x Width: 450 
  • Empty weight: 10 kg / 22 lb
  • We recommend 2 to 4 Icey-Tek Large Gel Packs or one third loose ice for optimal performance. It's even cooler to use both!
  • Constructed from food safe A-grade polyethylene - learn more here
  • Finished by hand for legendary product strength 
  • World-class superior insulation in walls & lid for extended ice retention
  • Holds ice below 5 degrees Celsius for 234 hours / 9.8 days
  • Will hold 19 kg of cubed 'Party Ice' from The Ice Co (10 x 2 kg bags)
  • Will hold 55 x 330ml drinks cans along with 2 x Icey-Tek Large Gel Packs
  • Will hold 16 x bottles of wine along with 2 x Icey-Tek Large Gel Packs
  • Strong enough to use as a seat - cushion available here
  • Made to food hygiene standards
  • Strong rubber seal, durable hinges and Southco premium latches
  • 2 x removable drain plugs for easy removal of ice melt
  • Carry lip under the lid
  • Washable with soapy water or easy to hose out - holds no nasty odours or stains
  • Five year warranty for normal wear & tear
  • Independently five star rated by our customers - view here
  • Lockable Padlock Point   

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