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ICEY-TEK Cool Boxes in Detail

  • Secure hinges 1. Secure hinges
  • Lockable 2. Lockable
  • Robust clasps 3. Robust clasps
  • Seat cushions 4. Seat cushions
  • Interior 5. Interior
  • Handles 6. Handles

Icey-Tek boxes are made from premium components & materials to create a commercial quality cool box. Choose a long or cube box, a range of unique colours and the largest size range, from 25L - 1100L, on the market. Made from 100% A grade polyethylene external skin with a non staining, non odour absorbing, impact resistant food grade internal liner.

Superior ice / cold retention is obtained by utilising premium polyurethane insulation injected under pressure within all wall cavities and the lid. All Icey-Tek boxes have ultra heavy duty self stopping lid hinges and lid latches that are made from flexible, black thermoplastic elastomer material.

Lids have a rubber gasket fitted to ensure a perfect seal. All boxes are lockable and are supplied with 2 receivers enabling them to be secured with a padlock.
Long boxes have plastic coated rope handles for ease of carrying, cube boxes have finger grips under the lid. All boxes come with 2 bungs that screw in with a rubber gasket to ensure a watertight seal, they are fully removable for ease of cleaning.

Aussie gel packs are a clean, re-usable method of cooling the boxes. Cushions are available for some sizes.

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