Pair Of Replacement Icey-Tek Rubber Washers (for drain plugs)

Tax included.

A pair of replacement rubber washers for your Icey-Tek's drain plugs.

Please note, this is for 2 x rubber washer only.

If you have drain plugs but your washers are lost or perished then you are in the right place. 

If you need replacement drain plugs (complete with rubber washers) please click HERE. 

Compatible with the following Icey-Tek Cool Boxes:

25L, 40L, 55L, 56L, 70L, 72L, 82L, 90L, 105L, 115L, 135L, 160L, 185L, 260L & 300L

* Not compatible with:

15L, 18L, 35L & 85L. For these sizes please click HERE.