New video to help you choose your Icey-Tek Cool Box

New video to help you choose your Icey-Tek Cool Box

Cool boxes are tricky things to visualise. How big is it? How much will it hold? Which box do I need? Will it fit in the boot of my car? What is the quality like? These and many other questions come up regularly and I've been searching for a solution since I took over at Cool Boxes UK last year. In fact, the main reason for product returns and exchanges within our business is because a customer did't quite realise the size of an Icey-Tek. On that basis any solution to this is something that works for all of us.... who doesn't like a 'win win'!?

I've started by producing a new product video outlining our most popular Icey-Tek Cube Cool Boxes: the 25L, 40L and 55L sizes. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts. I've tried to keep it a little bit fun too.

Video is such a powerful tool and works really well to inform people about exactly what they are buying online. I really hope that our new video content along with our growing Trustpilot reviews will help to give you more peace of mind and confidence.

If you're ever in any doubt please remember that there's a human at the other side of this business (that's me!) so please do reach out via email with any questions or comments.

Lastly, if there's anything in particular relating to Cool Boxes UK you'd like to see explained or showcased using video please let me know.

All the best & Stay Cool,

Luke - Cool Boxes UK

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