Wheels for Icey-Tek. At long last!

Wheels for Icey-Tek. At long last!

For some time I've been researching wheel systems that will complement the Icey-Tek range of boxes. As I'm sure you know our cool boxes are strong, rugged, high performance and are built to last – this absolutely needs to be the case with a set of wheels too. To be honest I was disappointed with the many cart systems available across Europe, many of them were constructed from cheap metal and definitely could not claim to be 'built to last'.

My search took me further afield, to Texas USA in fact, where I discovered the Mighty Max cart. As it turned out the Mighty Max is already being sold by Icey-Tek North America so much of my research had been done for me. Myself and my family have been testing the Mighty Max cart around Cornwall and Devon for the past two months. I've hauled boxes, body boards, picnics, children and more.... across tarmac, sand, gravel, grass and cobbles. The results have been impressive, this is a quality product, one that I'm proud to be listing alongside the legendary Icey-Tek range.

The Mighty Max is constructed from strong HDPP Resin which is weatherproof and will never rust or oxidise. The four solid foam wheels have been specially designed for the Mighty Max, they will never run flat and can be used in salt water and sand without incurring damage. The cart base extends out from 80cm to just under one meter in length. Two 'cargo walls' are also supplied which means that many Icey-Tek boxes can be held extra secure. For our very large boxes you'll need to just use the flatbed base. The feeling you get from this cart is one of quality.

Be warned, people will stop you and ask about your cart (especially if you choose the coloured wheels). You can order your Mighty Max here.

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